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Jomafe, of José Maria Ferreira, was founded in 1976, and since the beginning assumed itself   as an important company on the national market of cutlery for ceramics and kitchens, and home utilities.

Since the beginning, this fast recognition of the market emerged from the strong decision of preferring exclusively high quality raw materials. A demanding starting point kept on all the procedures, in order to satisfy the client's needs and to diversify the Jomafe products only by a wise selection of the design created every year.

Oriented always to quality, Jomafe is already in many countries working with the international market.

Today, Jomafe is the result of both improvement and deep know-how, reached through the constant modernization of  the industrial equipments and continuous formation of our human resources.

This is the constant demand of Jomafe's success due to the high industrial and aesthetic level of quality reached. An unique prestige, created and produced to dress your table properly, that's where the best moments happen.


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